The Disney Downer

Something’s been bugging me lately. I have to get it off my chest. I feel if I don’t tell you, my faithful audience, any sooner it will become a problem:

I’m not a fan of Disney.

Now, I won’t go into the deeper reasons as to why Disney isn’t the greatest. A simple Google search of “Disney racism” will do a lot better job than I ever will.

No, these are just personal opinions that developed while observing Disney over the years, and how my personal tastes have changed.

*I found that I’m not a fan of the trope where either one or both parents are dead or unspoken of.

The Little Mermaid? No sign of the mother.

Cinderella? Mom dies and gets a terrible new mom.

Saddest moment of our younger lives.

Lion King? Mufasa [SPOILER ALERT] dies and Simba has to learn to grow on his own.

Lilo and Stitch? Both parents are dead, and now she’s being stripped from the custody of her sister (brutal).

You look at almost every Disney movie, something happened to the protagonist’s parents.

You would think Disney would move past this? Well, no. Some of the last two bigger Disney movies, the characters lost their parents: Big Hero 6 and Frozen.

Now there are some Disney movies that don’t necessarily have this trope. In Mulan and Tangled, both characters still have their families (well, technically in Tangled, Rapunzel finding her origins is a plot device, so maybe that doesn’t count).

But it’s just so sad. Maybe it’s suppose to be for a stronger more happier ending. I just think it’s a little overused, and Disney can find other plot devices to tell a story. However, as of right now, it works for them.

*I’m not a huge fan of the Disney channel.

Now one of my favorite cartoons is on the Disney channel….well, actually Disney X-D to be exact. I feel like that’s where cartoons go to die, and the actual Disney channel has bunch of child actors screamin’ and hollerin’.

Screenshot from youtube:

This is stupid.

There have been GOLDEN NUGGETS of entertainment thanks to the Disney Channel. Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and fun movies like Halloweentown. These shows and movies weren’t perfect, but they brought good humor and the characters were very relatable. Lizzie was you average, teen girl just trying to get through school, with a little animated character of herself that broke the fourth wall explaining conscious. Most girls related to that (not so much having little animated characters in their heads talking to an unknown audience, but I’m sure animated Lizzie resonated with a lot of females viewers. She did for me.). I don’t know many who can relate to Dog with a Blog.

There was also some great animated shows like The Proud Family and Kim Possible that were a huge hit with my generation. They were well written and highly entertaining shows that people loved. The best Disney got down the road was Phineas and Ferb, then later Gravity Falls. However, both of those moved to Disney X-D to make room for more studio-shot sitcoms. It’s almost like Disney makes animations for the theater but never for their own television station, which doesn’t make sense. It’s even worse when the quality isn’t quite there anymore.

*I’m tired of Princesses

There’s too many…

Okay shoot me. I don’t like the whole princess thing. They’re everywhere. They’ve taken control. I find it to be boring. I feel It’s why I like Hunchback, Mulan, and Hercules (I guess technically he’s a prince…or some other deity). I find them to be more interesting. Yes, they have to deal with romantic interests, but they also have other struggles.

Quasimodo deals with self-acceptance. Hercules learns what it means to be a true hero. Mulan…saves China.

But one thing that is true is that princesses are Disney’s money makers. They unfortunately don’t make money on characters like Quasi or Mulan, or even on princes. There’s a lot of princess merchandise that little kids (or kids at heart) just eat up. Princesses are a guaranteed money maker.

I won’t deny that Disney has done a lot for our culture. It’s really built it in so many ways, but I can’t help pointing out what Disney did right, and then refuses to do again because of money. To me, that’s not the point of storytelling.

[Pictures from, Screenshot from youtube: “G Hannelius – Dog With A Blog – Season 1 Highlights – A collection of clips from every episode”, and]


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