Online Animations Part 2

Left us off a few weeks ago talking about a website called Newgrounds. Newgrounds was founded by Tom Fulp in the 90’s that gained attraction in the early 2000’s.

Newgrounds attracted a lot of people, mainly young boys, with it’s flash games. Yeah there were other flash game websites around, but Newgrounds was pretty prominent. It had a lot of edgy content. While a lot of mothers may frown at that, it’s a site like that is alluring for a lot of people. Maybe for the edgy content itself, but I believe it’s mainly due to freedom from censorship.

Now Newgrounds isn’t 4chan. You can’t post just anything, but Fulp and the Newgrounds crew are pretty flexible as long as you don’t post anything illegal.

But it’s interesting, Newgrounds was up before Youtube was ever created. So, to get a taste of online animated entertainment, you had to go to sites like Newgrounds to watch it, where as now we would probably just go to Youtube for most of our needs. Newgrounds served as an example for other art websites to copy. A lot of cool people content came from Newgrounds.

Eddsworld, like I mentioned, posted a lot on Newgrounds. Edd also posted on other websites, and eventually youtube, which could lead to why he had such a huge fanbase still today. There’s also the animated series “Salad Fingers” by David Frith that’s known for it’s…er…creepiness to say the least.Salad-Fingers

Another popular person to come from Newgrounds was Erin Hanson, aka Egoraptor. Hanson was originally known for his Awesome Series, parodies of different videogames summarized from 2 to 4 minuted animated flash shorts. He became very popular. Many years later in 2012, Hanson started Game Grumps with Jon Jafari (aka JonTron) at first as a joke, but is now one of the biggest “Let’s Play” channels on Youtube (besides Markiplier and Pewdiepie). That’s not to say that Hanson has given up on animating, though many old fans may cry and disagree with. Hanson still has projects he works on. “Sequelitis” is one, and he also did some animating for his Star Bomb songs. Many of you might remember “Luigi’s Ballad”.

Besides his own flash cartoons, Hanson and the Game Grumps crew allow OTHER animators to showcase their animated fanart on the youtube page. There were so many that would take snippits of their show and animate them, that they wanted the artist to get their hardwork recognized more by allowing them to be on the channel. It’s pretty cool.

[Warning: Has some rough language]

But, those are only a few people that I remember watching when I was a kid. There are so many artists that I see grow or point them out now and remember when we were all on the same, small art site. It’s interesting to compare them now to what they were before. It also makes me look at myself and where I have come.

That could’ve been me too if I begged for an animation program in the past Christmas days of my youth. Maybe instead of a video game, I could’ve asked for a better tablet or Adobe Flash. Although, sometimes people don’t always have that talent since it does take time a dedication to become better and culture yourself. Something I never really did. It feels kind of bittersweet.

So yeah, Youtube, Newgrounds, and a few other websites were my entertainment. It was like our own version of MTV that you can actually be apart of.