Top Five Impacting Characters

Story is usually what I emphasize when it comes to a great show. However, what’s a great story without great characters? Characters that have good development, whether it be positive or negative, are what help carry the story along. They also could BE the story, which is also important.

A wide variety of characters also allow a wide range of audiences members and fans. You want a character that not only can relate, but several characters that can relate to other different people as well.

So I wanted to do a Top Five Characters that have impacted me in a way: either I relate to them, they touch a feeling within me, or I find them funny and well written. They’re not in any specific order.

Pearl from Steven Universe
Overprotective of little Steven, she is considered the “mom” of the series. Pearl is part of the Crystal Gems. She stern and is always worrying about something. However, she is caring.

Pearl is a perfectionist at times. She wants things done in the right way. However, it’s all for Steven. If you listen to her song “Strong in the Real Way”, you’ll understand her stance.

Feelings is a key word here. She’s a very emotional character. Even though she tries to wrap it up to be more presentable and less vulnerable, but she is very emotive.

One of my favorite raw moments was in the episode “Cry for Help”. When another character, Garnet, found out Pearl was lying to because she liked magically fusing to become Sardonyx, we can see Pearl’s regret and fear as she clutches her chest. She’s normally a strong headed character, but her flaw was her trying to satisfy or build her self-esteem in ways that weren’t healthy.

That hit so close to home. I felt the way Pearl has before, and normally, an animated television character doesn’t do that for a whole lot of people.

Quasimodo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Disney’s Quasi is a sweet, and lovable character. Also, very underrated, in my opinion. Don’t want to go on a Disney Princess tirade again.

Quasimodo is meant to be a striking opposite of Claude Frollo, the antagonist. He’s a very pure, but relatable character in the sense that there’s something in all of us that is afraid to show our pure selves. Hiding away, an anxiety. Maybe we were shamed into thinking we were one thing. Maybe not good enough, maybe ugly, or fat.

But, what if those things are okay? What if it’s okay to not be pretty as society sees fit, maybe we aren’t the “ideal” weight. And sometimes, we aren’t good enough, but that doesn’t make us deposable or useless. Just because we don’t meet a certain standard, doesn’t mean we can’t meet another.

And that’s what Quasi means to me. His song, “Out There” hits me really close, as we all want to meet and relate to people. I try not to tear up every time I hear it.

Arnold from Hey Arnold!
I don’t know if I completely relate to an inner city kid, since I’ve also been out in the country some (thanks Tennessee). However, the problems I’ve faced before are somewhat relatable to Arnold’s.

Remember in one of my previous’s posts where I mentioned an episode where Arnold refused to rat out his friends for his own sake, but knew it would benefit themselves if they revealed themselves as the culprits. Arnold has always impacted me to do better. To better myself.

That doesn’t mean that Arnold was perfect. In fact, in one episode, he made fun of one of his new teachers. He followed along with the rest of his class bullying their teacher, to the point where he cried and stayed at home. But Arnold betters himself. In fact the whole class does after seeing (compared to a nasty substitute), that their old teacher was actually alright. They went back to him and apologized. They engaged him, and wanted to learn from him again. That’s what I like about Arnold. He acknowledges his wrong doing, and tries to do right, and better himself.

Peggy from King of the Hill
I honestly don’t know why I like this character so much. Actually all of the characters in this show are hilarious (Bobby actually was going to be on here), but there was something about Peggy.

For me, Peggy kinda represents the adult woman I want to be. She’s very upfront when she feels it’s appropriate. She also doesn’t feel like she’s held down by her marriage. Not that Hank would hold her from voicing her opinion. He’s very respectful of her. It’s that she’s not afraid to take the reigns every once in awhile. She’s not fearful, but within reason (sometimes within reason…there was that cult….).

But she cares. She deeply cares for her family to where she would take matters into her own hands.

Lilo from Lilo and Stitch
A strong character from my childhood. She’s a lonely one. She also seems too complicated by all the silly or “weird” things she loves to do, but I’d disagree.

Yeah sure she’s nerdy and loves Elvis, not a whole lot of kids can relate to listening to Elvis constantly. However, kids can relate to being isolated or feeling like they don’t belong.

Lilo is that character that touches the nerd or weird kid in all of us, but allows us a sense of belonging, much like Quasi. However Lilo is brave, and never hides who she is. Even if she’s told to tone it down a bit, she may get sad, but she doesn’t stop. She perseveres. After her parents dying, being constantly bullied, and the fact that she might be separated from her sister is a terrifying thought and would bring down most children. In fact it does for her in some circumstances, letting out her loneliness in prayer. But she doesn’t give up hope. She prays for a friend, hopes for a friend. She’s a persevering character.

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Top 5 Animated Show Intros

Facebook and ads nowadays are getting so good on how they hook us. I was strolling through my feed and saw this animated tidbit for an upcoming Netflix exclusive: The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show.

The great color choices and design caught my attention so well. Everything looked pleasant, and the logo flashed near the middle of the video was some of the best design that I’ve seen in awhile. I’m a fan of fun, clean looking designs. I’m not a huge Mr. Peabody and Sherman fan, but this trailer got me wanting to at least try the first episode.

And that’s a good intro or teaser in general. They make you want to watch the show. Since I was inspired, I wanted to spend this post listing my Top 5 cartoon intros as of recent. This is going to stem from the later 2000’s till now. I won’t be posting the Spongebob theme or Scooby Doo, because those are so classic and iconic in themselves, it’s like judging people in the Hollywood Walk of Fame to me: they’ve already made top lists. They were already good and iconic to begin with.

  1. Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Disney)

This is the kind of show that 11 to 14-year old Haleigh dreamed about. Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a recently produced on Disney with it’s debut back in late Spring/early Summer. It’s super wacky, with a silly heroine that’s super powerful and extremely energetic. The intro matches that energy that’s produced throughout the show. It accurately gives the viewer a taste of what the show will be about, if they have never seen it before. A two second brief at the beginning already telling you the history of the protagonist, random enemy fights that turn out to be dancing buddies later, and floating unicorn heads. Ya know, the usual. Like I said before, pre-teen Haleigh would think the theme song is amazing. It’s a little frenetic and random for my taste currently (it doesn’t even rhyme at times), but it does it’s job. It accurately portrays the show that will play for the next 22 minutes.

  1. Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Rebecca Sugar always does great music work on shows. Some of my favorite songs are when she helped with Adventure Time, like “I’m Just Your Problem” and “I’m All Gummed Up Inside”. She exceeded my expectations in music when Steven Universe came out. She does great songwriting. The current Steven Universe intro is actually a revamp. I thought the original looked great, and then I saw this one that blew me out of the water. The backgrounds look amazing, like they do in the show, they added more characters, and everything is more fleshed out and more detailed. For someone to just begin watching the show, they could get a little lost in what’s about to go on when they see a little girl with a big sword in front of a donut shop, and then everyone is just chilling on the beach, but they need to go back to the first season anyway to catch up. Regardless, it’s a beautifully done intro, and props to Sugar and her team for making it that way. It just makes you want to break out your ukulele and sing along.

  1. Wander Over Yonder (Disney)

Guys…Craig McCracken knows what he is doing. He’s been in this business long enough to know what he’s doing, and he does it well. He was the main guy behind The Powerpuff Girls, and with a show that iconic and great, you can see where this is going. It’s an intro for a cute and clever show called Wander Over Yonder that I don’t think Disney does any justice. It’s a gem that I believe gets hidden due to more of the live-shot productions Disney does, and would do even better if it was on Cartoon Network. Bitterness aside, the intro is amazing. We see exactly the personalities of the characters that we’re about to get involved with, and nature of the show itself, without knowing too much. Wander, the main protagonist, goes to different planets to make friends with the different inhabitants, all while trying to befriend the evil Lord Hater. I love good animation bits, like the part when Wander rides his steed, Sylvia, and gawks with excitement at the world around him. It’s done so well and so smoothly, I severely geeked out the first time I saw this intro. The colors are amazing and make the backgrounds intriguing. The theme is so quirky, cute, and most importantly simple and short. It’s so that it doesn’t get annoying so quickly. Not to mention the logo if fantastically done. McCracken knows how to wrap up an intro like he’s wrapping the perfect present.

  1. Gravity Falls (Disney)

This intro almost made it to my number one slot. You know exactly what kind of show you’re about to get into, but leaving enough mystery about what sort of episode is about to play. It has it’s quirky style, but adds enough attraction that you want to know more. It let’s you know the characters, our setting, and the sense of adventure to come. One of my favorite aspects about the intro is that there are hidden messages and secrets that you can find within the opening. They also will change the opening with new episodes from time to time, to change those secrets so that they correlate with the story. That’s commitment to your own product, Alex Hirsch. Good on you. The theme itself is so spooky, yet upbeat. There have been so many remixes with the theme song since the show took popularity. It’s become iconic now. You play the song, any nerd is going to recognize it.

  1. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Cartoon Network)

Remember when I told you McCracken is a genius? Let me remind you. I believe this is one of the most iconic animated show intros up there with Scooby Doo and Spongebob. I wonder sometimes why this intro is so good, and why it’s my favorite. I think it’s because it’s so simple. The colors are beautiful, but simple. Backgrounds are well done, but simple. Even the beginning of the intro when everything is drawn is such a simply beautiful concept. It does tell a story, introduces you to the main characters, but also adds heart into there. Everyone is laughing and hugging at the end. There’s excitement and friendship that’s shown. There’s a sort of warmth after watching it that you get when you’re about to go into the show, aaand…not much more is needed. It’s super effective. Also, anyone my age or from my generation will know this song. They will. If they don’t, that means they missed out on a great part of their childhood that I would love to introduce to them because this show is a classic. Everytime I hear this song a smile spreads on my face. I’ve wanted for the longest time to learn how to play the theme on piano, and I kick myself for not doing so yet. So again, McCracken knows how to wrap it up nicely. I can’t wait to see what’s next up the McCracken family sleeve.